We are proud to have created fun, inspiring, Junior Indoor Soccer Leagues for boys and girls aged from 7-14 years, helping them to keep moving and encouraging a lifelong passion for physical activity.

  • All soccer games consist of 2 halves, each lasting 15 minutes.
  • A minimum of 5 players is required per team.
  • Registrations must be completed before October 16, 2023.
  • Game fees must be paid before the start of any game.


  • A player must be the age of the league as at January 1, 2023 
  • For example, a player aged 9 years as at January 1, 2023 will be eligible to play in the under 9 or under 10 league but not the under 8 league.


  • A team must provide 48 hours’ notice for a forfeit.
  • Without notice, a $50 forfeit fee is payable before the next scheduled game.

Olon Fair Play Policy

  • Olon reserves the right to review team and player eligibility.
  • Poor behavior or indiscipline may lead to suspensions or team removal.
  • Bad behavior towards players, officials, or spectators is not tolerated.


  • Uniforms are mandatory, with teams wearing shirts of the same color.

Game Time

  • Games last 30 minutes, split into 2 halves with a break.

Kick Off

  • Teams have a few minutes to warm up before the game.
  • If a team has 4 players at the game start time then the game will start.
  • The ball must be kicked backward during kick-off from the circle.

Fill Ins

  • Fill-in players must pay the game fee.
  • Must be have signed and filled in the registration form.


  • Referee calls a sub every 6 minutes for 5 or 6 players, and every 5 minutes for 6 or 7 players.


  • No tackles from behind, side tackles without body contact.
  • Referee’s decision on tackles is final.

Net Usage

  • A player using the net while playing results in an indirect free kick.
  • Ball bouncing off nets or walls is out of play.


  • Passing back to the goalkeeper is allowed, but not to the same player.


Player on Ground

  • Player within 5 meters of play on the ground results in an indirect free kick.

4 Second Rule

  • Players have 4 seconds to kick the ball if shielding against the net or wall otherwise a free kick is given.

Box (Goalkeeper)

  • Goalkeeper can’t exit the box with feet or arms.
  • No player can enter the box, otherwise a penalty kick is given.


Box (Attacking Players)

  • Attacking players entering the box will result in a goal kick.


Box (Defending Players)

  • Defending players entering the box will lead to a penalty kick.

Penalty Kicks

  • Goalkeeper must be on the goal line.
  • Goalkeeper moving forward leads to retake.
  • Penalty striker behind the penalty spot line.
  • If a penalty kick hits net and rebounds, goal kick is given.
  • Missed/saved penalties belong to the goalkeeper.
  • Goalkeeper missing penalty awards a penalty to the opposing team.

Yellow & Red Cards

  • Cards are at the referee’s discretion.
  • Accumulation of small offenses results in cards.
  • Rough play or abuse is not permitted.


  • Players participate at their own risk.
  • Management isn’t responsible for injuries.
  • Players must be registered and agree to the terms and conditions of Olon.