Educational Programs

Coming mid 2024!

We are dedicated to creating and providing an interactive, fun and safe immersive educational environment for maximum student engagement.

Combining theoretical, practical and immersive educational experiences, students are fully immersed in their learning programs, equipping them to be the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

We have exclusive rights and access to innovative Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Educational Learning Experiences and content including:

  • Ancient World Immersive Free Roam VR Experiences
  • Conversational AI with Immersive VR Experiences
  • Hundreds of 360 degree VR Field Trips and Excursions
  • Fully Immersive Arts & Culture, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering & Technology, Forensics, Health Science, History, International Baccalaureate, Literature & Language and Maths content for all ages

Creating a fun engaging  Learning Environment

Benefits of Olon Educational Experiences

  • Stimulation of mind and body, engaging and motivating students
  • Safe, Fun, active and immersive learning environment
  • Theoretical, practical, visual and immersive educational experiences
  • History, English, Sports Science, Health, Mathematics, Science, Technologies, The Arts and all other experiences are taught in an immersive world
  • Sports Science and Fitness are also taught on our premium Indoor court and interactive wall multi-sport simulator
  • Adaptable programs that can be curriculum-based
  • Suitable for Primary and Secondary students
  • Unique, interactive and immersive world class digital technologies using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality educational content
  • Builds and develops confidence, as well as health and well being

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