VR Education

Enhancing Education Through Immersive Virtual Reality

Experience education like never before with OLON VR Education Excursions for years 2 to 12.

We provide cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) educational experiences to enhance learning outcomes offering Australian Curriculum-aligned content across:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Arts and Culture
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Business, International Baccalaureate
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Science

Australian Curriculum-aligned Virtual and Augmented Reality School Excursions

Our VR Education excursions offer Australian Curriculum-aligned content.

Supporting all education levels, from pre-school to higher education including special educational needs and disabilities content.​


Take your students to historical landmarks and ancient societies such as Ancient Rome, Greece and China, and experience history as if they were actually there!


Switch your lab coats for VR headsets and get up close to nature. Hold a human heart and inspect cells or investigate the human anatomy and beyond!

Arts & Culture

Step inside a virtual art gallery and take your students through some of the world’s famous galleries, iconic buildings, paintings and sculptures. Experience the art and be inspired to create your own!


Explore every corner of the Earth, learn about nature and take your field trips to the next level by visiting some of the most dangerous and remote locations imaginable!

Literature & Language

Kickstart your students’ imagination and fuel creative writing by putting them in places they can only imagine – your students will be delivering descriptive and confident writing!


Explore the structures of some of the most well-known substances in the world, examine atomic structures, hold molecules, and learn & understand the most complex Chemistry concepts first-hand!


Let your students explore the unexplorable, from holding a planet in your hand, visiting space or experiencing real-world examples of physics in motion!


Immersive experiences that enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills as participants assess scenes, gather clues, and work towards solving the mystery.

Design, Technology

Explore how technology has changed the world. Study parts of planes, trains and everything in between, discover how they’re designed and find out how they work!


Create a whole new way to explore mathematical ideas, from holding 3D shapes and models in your hands to exploring fractals – perfect for visual learners!

Career & Technical Education

Our CTE Trades Simulations immerses students in the essential skills and knowledge required all within a virtual workshop setting!


Learn how supply chains work by managing raw material orders, production schedules, distribution strategies, inventory management, and more!

Two Durations, Endless Possibilities

Choose options below to receive tailored info from the OLON team.

60 Minutes

Years 2 - 12

up to 30 students per session

  • Dedicated OLON facilitator, ensuring an immersive, fun learning experience
  • Includes Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality activities combining VR and desktop applications
  • Private room to store class belongings
  • Suitable for up to 30 students
  • Free coffee/drink for educators and carers

90 Minutes

Years 2 - 12

up to 30 students per session

  • Dedicated OLON facilitator, ensuring an immersive, fun learning experience
  • Includes Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality activities combining VR and desktop applications
  • Private room to store class belongings
  • Suitable for up to 30 students
  • Free coffee/drink for educators and carers

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Why Choose OLON VR Education Excursions?

Engaging Content

Australian Curriculum-aligned resources ensure students stay on track while enjoying a unique learning experience.

Interactive Learning

Hands-on VR experiences foster a deeper understanding of complex subjects.

Wide Accessibility

Compatible with various VR headsets and accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Ease of Use

With OLON’s standalone headsets and intuitive controls, students are immersed in their learning.

Comprehensive Resources

Access to thousands of curriculum-aligned resources, lesson plans, guides, and worksheets to support and enhance classroom teaching.

60 or 90 Minute Sessions

Choose from either 60 or 90 minutes for up to 30 students per session. Ask us about customised excursions for longer session times.

Our VR Education Library

Available in VR and desktop applications, including curriculum-aligned Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality and AI resources, for use across all subjects and age ranges.

Our extensive library offers  thousands of pedagogically sound, curriculum-aligned VR and AR resources including a vast range of 360-degree photos, 360-degree videos, 3D models, conversational AI and explorable virtual environments. Our immersive VR and AR content aligned with the Australian Curriculum, ensures students not only enjoy their learning experience but also gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Our Partners

We have partnered with global leading VR educational providers including ClassVR, Ancient World and VictoryXR.

Class VR

ClassVR offers a vast library of curriculum-aligned VR and AR resources. Students can explore thousands of pedagogically sound resources, including 360-degree images, videos, and 3D models.

Delivering immersive educational experiences covering a wide range of curriculum subjects, including:

  • History: Virtual field trips to historical sites, interactive timelines, and 3D artifacts.
  • English: Interactive storytelling, character exploration, and literary analysis.
  • Maths: 3D geometry, problem-solving scenarios, and visual mathematical concepts.
  • Science: Virtual labs, ecosystems, human anatomy, and space exploration.
  • Thousands of VR activities, resources and lesson plans created by education experts
  • Lesson plans, quizzes and worksheets

Ancient World by Lithodomos

Ancient World VR provides students with the ability to virtually explore historical sites and artifacts in VR and desktop. Bringing history to life by allowing students to walk through ancient ruins, interact with historical sites, and examine artifacts up close. The immersive experiences help students understand and retain historical knowledge more effectively than traditional textbooks.

Ancient World by Lithodomos brings historical sites to life through detailed and accurate virtual reconstructions. Explore more than 50 sites of the wonders of the ancient world, including:

  • Ancient Rome: Walk through the Colosseum and the Temple of Venus and Rome as they stood 2000 years ago.
  • Ancient Greece: Visit the Parthenon and the Oracle of Delphi.
  • Jerusalem: Experience the grandeur of King Herod’s palace.
  • Plus many more


VictoryXR focuses on creating engaging VR content for a variety of subjects, including Arts & Culture, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering & Technology, Forensics, Health Science, History, International Baccalaureate, Literature & Language, Mathematics, Career & Technical Education and Business. Their VR experiences range from virtual labs for science experiments, to interactive Maths problems, immersive storytelling for English literature to 360 degree field trips. VictoryXR’s content is designed to boost student engagement and make learning fun and interactive.

These virtual experiences in VR or on desktop include:

  • Science Labs: Virtual dissections, physics experiments, and chemistry labs.
  • Historical Reenactments: Live the history through reenactments and interactive experiences.
  • Mathematical Concepts: Interactive 3D models to understand complex mathematical theories.


VictoryXR offers lessons in conversational AI in VR or desktop offering an immersive and personal approach to learning.

How it Works

Know the ins and outs of the VR education process to keep your day stress-free!


Expect Experiences

Your session will include Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality activities combining VR and desktop applications


Small Group Sizes

Your group session led by an OLON facilitator will split your class into smaller groups to spend time in each activity


60 - 90 Minutes

Your session will run for 60 or 90 minutes depending on your chosen package, with a small break halfway through


What You Learned

At the end of the session a small quiz will be given to the group, focused on learning outcomes

What You Get

All VR Education packages include everything for a fantastic experience:

Dedicated Host

Will run your VR education excursion ensuring an immersive, fun learning experience

Excursion Time

Choose from 60- or 90-minute excursion session times, for up to 30 students per session

Private Room

Your own private space to store belongings safely throughout the excursion


Free coffee or drink for educators and carers, with food packages available for your class

Food & Drinks

Your class is welcome to stay after their session concludes and enjoy one of our meal deals (must be pre-ordered)

$9.90 per Guest

Kids Party Food | Pizza & Chips


Margherita, ham & cheese pizzas with chips & juice

Kids Party Food | Chicken Nuggets & Chips


Chicken nuggets with sauces, chips & juice

Kids Party Food | Fish & Chips

Party Pies

Party pies & sausage rolls with sauces, chips & juice

Kids Party Food | Hot Dog & Chips

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs with cheese, sauces, chips & juice

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