Sports & Fitness Adelaide for All Ages

Have fun and keep active with our sports and fitness programs for people of all ages and fitness levels in Adelaide

We are dedicated to inspiring people of all ages and fitness levels to keep moving, having created and developed an exciting range of purpose-designed sports and fitness space and programs, inspiring people to keep active while having fun.

Indoor Soccer court hire

Keep Active with one of our Indoor Soccer Court Hire options on our custom-built indoor soccer court.

Fitness Exercise Programs

Fun, Inspiring, Innovative Fitness Programs called Sportscise for people of all ages helping them to keep moving.

Indoor Soccer court hire

We are obsessed with soccer and have custom built our own indoor soccer court with a premium artificial turf surface that is a smaller replica of an outdoor soccer pitch.

Enjoy playing in our fully air-conditioned venue, ideal for soccer clubs, or social and work groups.

Social and Other Groups

Have your next social catch up game of indoor soccer with your friends or workmates and keep active playing the world game!


Hire our premium court for your club’s next training or team bonding session. Mix up your club’s session accessing our court as well as our multi sport simulator featuring Soccer, Netball, Basketball, AFL and Rugby activities. Food and drink options are also available in our Cafe.

Dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to  Keep Moving

Fitness & Exercise

We are proud to have created fun, inspiring, innovative fitness programs called Sportscise for people of all ages, helping them to keep moving and encouraging a lifelong passion for physical activity.


Sportscise is a sports-based HIIT program available in 26-18-15-12-9 minute workouts.

Each session is based on a series of Activation, Workout and Cool Down exercises with generic and sport specific exercises, where no two exercises are the same in each session and no session is the same as the previous session.

HIIT + Sports

All Workout exercises are based on the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles: exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds.

Every unique session combines the movement of your sport with the transformative power of HIIT. 

Get Motivated

Pump up your workout experience.

We combine the inspiration of your sport with music, exercise and your own sports commentator with crowd and whistle-buzzer-siren sound effects, motivating you throughout your session.

Stay Flexible

Enjoy our fully air-conditioned venue exercising with Soccer, Footy, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Baseball, Rugby and Gridiron HIIT programs.

Choose individual, group, or partner HIIT programs, stream on demand, or visit one of our classes.

Seeing is Believing

Visit for a guided tour of our state-of-the-art facilities. Stop in at Café Olon for specialty coffee and seasonal menu items. Want quick info? Call us now.